Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At the Moment...

...summer is flying by.

...we just returned from 10 glorious days at our mountain home.
{i wish i was still there.}'s blazing hot here.  it's even too hot to swim.  the pool thermometer reads 91 degrees!

...randi is very into make-up.
{she recently bought the bobby brown make-up book.}
and she will put it on anyone who will let her.
{i guess cade only agreed if he could look like a zombie...or something.} kids {especially this one} take random pictures with my phone.

...last night, my sugarboos enjoyed a spoonful of homemade cookie dough while i made dinner.
{nothing like a little dessert before dinner.}
and, cade just came in and asked if he could have some cookie dough.
{it's 7:50 AM.}
and, being the mom of the year that i am...i said "yes".

...i succumbed to the peer pressure of my girlfriends and started reading the 50 shades of grey books.  i read the first two in less than a week. {which meant i have stayed up too late reading and most of my household duties have been neglected.}  i'm forcing myself to wait on the least until i take care of things around here.'s killing me!  those dumb books are addicting.  ridiculous.  and...i LOVE mr. grey.  {he kind of reminds me of mr. c.  not in that way.  but, in good ways.}  ironically, she kind of drives me crazy...but, kind of reminds me of myself.

...and, for the life of me, i can't figure out how to get my comments back on. it's not intentional. ugh!