Sunday, July 15, 2012

Date Night

normally, i would not post a picture of me like this.
{in the raw.  sweaty.  sans mascara...lip gloss...anything.}
i'm much too vain.
however, i wanted to remember moments like this.
moments with just me and mr. c.

because i have the greatest parents in the world...
{making them the greatest grandparents in the world}
mr. c and i were able to have date night...starting at three o'clock in the afternoon
and ending at ten o'clock the next morning.
thank you mimi and papa!
{mimi and papa enjoyed having our sugarboos plus little e for the night.}

our date afternoon started with a bikram yoga class.
{90 minutes of brutal sweat.}
i'm the one who usually makes suggestions like this....however, this time it was his idea.
because it is so hot and muggy here right now...the yoga room was EXTRA hot.
halfway through i turned to him and mouthed,
"worst idea EVER!"

but, by the time we walked out...rung out my hair...had a bottle of water...i decided it was worth it.
we felt good.

we were back home by 5:30.
went back and forth about what we should do.
take out?  or go out?
go out won.
after getting showered and dressed in a skirt and top i knew he liked...
we headed to one of my favorite places.
cafe boa.
{in ahw...not mill.}
enjoyed a delicious bottle of pinot noir...
mushroom ravioli {my favorite}
and filet.
and capped it of with a coffee and baileys.

by the time we got home, our yoga class was taking effect.
we both feel asleep fast.

this morning we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at one of our favorite joints...
reading the paper....discussing our ridiculous government leaders.

after eggs and coffee, we got all the grocery shopping out of the way.
{very satisfying.}

by the time we picked up the kids they were fed, happy....
and not ready to leave!

i love my dates with mr. c.
whether it's grocery shopping, bikram yoga, or a cocktail party.
i adore that man.
actually, i'm crazy in love with him.