Monday, July 23, 2012

Girl Weekend

5:45 AM - took boys to airport. 
{papa, cade, and mr. c}
they took off to alaska for some fishing!

9:00 AM - met mimi for mani/pedis

11:15 AM - the three of us enjoyed facials.
{randi's first.  i'm afraid i'm creating a monster.}

12:30 - we enjoyed a delicious lunch at pita jungle.

2:30 - we laughed as we were entertained at the dollar theater. 
the movie {the exotic marigold hotel} was just as entertaining as
all of the senior citizens who were watching it with us!

it was a FABULOUS day!

8:30 AM - enjoyed breakfast at hillside with debbie, emerson, and pat.

afterwards, we strolled through the farmer's market...but, it was too hot.

took randi school shopping.


ate a yummy pei wei dinner {to go} at home with mimi.

i miss my boys....a lot.
but, it's always nice to have some girl time...with my two favorite girls.