Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Fishermen

last saturday my boys took off on an adventure.
{with several other boys.}
they traveled to the great state of alaska...
to become master fishermen!

cade kept himself entertained during the long waits at the airport
by playing football with rodney.

they did alot of waiting during their travel days.
here - they waited for the float plane.
{rodney, papa, and cade.}

first fishing day!
{they fished for three days.}
{cade, papa, and mr. c}

papa enjoying himself on the boat ride out to the fishing spot.

catch of the day!

cade next to the biggest catch of the trip...
a 200 pound halibut.
{caught by frank - on my boys' boat.}

they saw lots of humpback whales...
sea lions...
pods of orcas...
and tons of bald eagles.

this great fisherman caught the most fish out of anyone.
{and, he claims he had never done it before.}

this little boy was in heaven.
every time i spoke with mr. c -
he bragged about our boy...
he was loving it, being polite, no complaining....a trooper.
on the last day, he looked at papa straight in the eyes and said,
"you know...i'm a very lucky boy to be here doing this."
lucky indeed.

papa called the day after they got home.
he wanted to check on me and his fishing buddies.
{i think he was already having withdrawals.}
my mom said papa went on and on of how proud he was of cade and mr. c.
{that makes my heart swell.}
and, the feelings were mutual...
mr. c loved having cade and papa there.

i missed my boys.
but, opportunities and experiences like these
are life changers and memory makers.
it was worth missing them.