Friday, August 17, 2012

An All-Star Birthday

this year, cade wanted a sports birthday party.
great idea...if we lived in a place where we could play outside.
being that it's 115 degrees outside and i can't {or won't}
allow 12 little boys to play hockey in my home...
i began searching for a gym to rent.
not only did i find a gym...but, the city had a sports party package.
coach, equipment, gym and all!

we also had the use of an observation room...
where the parents could watch the kids play
and where we set up the cake, snacks, etc.

this wasn't exactly the vision i had for the cupcake cake...
but, cade liked it.
and.  it was yummy.

the coach and activities were awesome!
this young kid {coach}
knew all the kids by name within minutes.
cade got to pick all the sports...
hockey, basketball, baseball, dodge ball.
the boys loved it!

my sweet birthday boy.
fun party.
good friends.
hhmmmm....what will it be next year?

his invitations.
found them on etsy.
cute, huh?!