Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Letter

dear randi,

i just returned from dropping you off at a babysitting class.  although you were excited to do it when we signed up several months ago...
this morning?  let's just say you were less than excited.  you were not thrilled with giving up your weekend and you didn't know anyone in the class.
but, after i bribed with you a chocolate bavarian cream put on your big girl pants and went to class.
i admire your confidence.  you walked right in and immediately began filling out paper work...taking a seat by a girl your age.  {i'm sure you will have many new friends by the time i pick you up...that's how you roll.}

as i peaked through the glass window of the classroom, my heart began to tug.  i saw a fast forward of your life.  you in high school.  you in college.  you as a career woman.  {today your aspiration is to be a journalist...a fashion journalist.}

i know you can and will be whatever you aspire to be.  because:
you are smart.  {scoring in the highest percentile in every subject on your AIMS.}
you are responsible.  {your teachers love you and do not hesitate in giving you additional tasks.}
you do not like to get in trouble. {you don't even like for me to park in a no parking zone.}
you are modest and care about how your present yourself.  {thank goodness!}
you are fun.  {pictures like the one above fill my phone.}
you are loving and are loved.  {you are blessed with lots of family who adore and love you...and we all feel that love right back.}

 thank you for being you.  for being crazy about justin bieber and one direction.  for loving clothes and make-up.  for making me laugh with your one liners.  for making me shake my head in disbelief.  for being so much like mimi.
for being a good girl...who is growing up. 
and turning into an amazing young woman.

i love you.