Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making Dinner

{baked halibut for fish tacos.}

i thoroughly enjoy making dinner for my family.
{love it, actually.}
but, lately i've been stumped...making the same things over and over...
being ill prepared...having to go to the grocery store every day.
{which is a waste of time and money.  and therefore, makes me grumpy.}
so, last week i decided to bring weekly menus back into my life.
{not sure why i ever stopped doing this.}

as i was making my menu for the week...
it came to me that randi needed to be apart of this process.
i would give her one night a week.
she would plan and prepare the meal.
and, i would pat myself on the back for being a good mom.
simple, right?

yeah.  not so much.

she chose fettucine alfredo.
{mimi gave her an awesome recipe.}
when i told her it was time to start dinner...she moaned that she had to finish her homework.
{although it was early release and she had been home since 1:30.}
reluctantly, she made it to the kitchen.
sat on the counter.
here's a few snippets of conversation while we she made dinner.

her:  can't i just learn to order take out?

me:  ok. here's your water for the pasta.
her:  ok. what do i do with it?  how do i make it boil?
{i didn't realize she did not know how to turn on the stove.}
after she cut the green onions she said,
"how do i get them to the pan?"
me:  ummm...your hands.
her:  ewwww!
her:  what do i do with all the water after the pasta is ready?
me:  this is how you saute mushrooms.
her:  but, i don't like mushrooms.
me:  others like them.  so, you need to make them so we can top the pasta with them if we want.
her:  if i'm cooking i don't think i should have to make them.
{she made them anyway.}
it was comical.
she did not have the same love for cooking as i do.
and as she said, "why should i?  i have you."
i had flashbacks to a time when i was about her age
and my mom was trying to teach me to sew.
i had no interest or patience.
i had my mom to make everything...why should i learn.
and, as far as cooking was concerned...
i had no interest and was pretty grossed out to even watch or get my hands dirty.
{paybacks are hell.}
but, all said and done...
the meal was fabulous!
everyone loved it.
although i helped...she was with me...learning...
{even if she didn't want to.}
so, we will continue this little venture.
because, some day...she will thank me.
the next evening, she came in and asked me what was for dinner.
i told her.
and she said,
"you know making dinner tonight is like going on stage after elvis."