Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Week...

...via my iPhone...
Mimi visited the kids at school during grandparent's day.
{papa couldn't make it.}
I loved when I introduced her to one of randi's teachers and she said,
"oh! You are so lucky to have my granddaughter!"
{hence the reason we do not lack in self confidence.}
i gave blood...
and earned my two gallon pin!!!
dropped these two beauties off
at the school lock in.
{the junior high students were invited to spend the night at the school...bless those teachers!}
mimi with cade at school.
he was so cute waiting for her to get there...very excited!
he did, however, clean her of every penny she had
with purchases at the school book fair. of my favorite places.
changing hands bookstore.
i love the smell...the people...the prices...
and i really love when i take a bag of trade in books and am able to get some
fabulous books for me without spending a penny.
doing the princess' hair before the lock in.
{she is so lucky to have her hair done every morning.}
sissy must have taken this photo during our labor day travels.

how did we ever survive trips growing up? without ipads, computers, gadgets and gizmos?
i spent every summer driving from dallas, texas to arizona when i was a kid.
and we suvived the eternal trip playing "abc" and stopping at stucky's.
{remember "the thing"?}
and if we were lucky we would get ad lib games and mystery writers.
oh...those were the days!