Friday, September 14, 2012

Labor Day and Sisters

i was not blessed with sisters.
however, i was blessed with two dear girlfriends...
whom i call my sisters.

we met eight years ago when our oldest girls were in preschool.
kids have grown and gone different ways...but, we have remained close.
we decided it would be awesome to get the girls together...
that idea grew to getting the families together...
that idea grew to having a "sisters family reunion" in greer over labor day weekend.

and that we did.
6 adults and 9 kids enjoyed beautiful greer for the three day weekend.

we've never hosted that many people.  but, everyone pitched in, prepared meals, cleaned, and had tons of fun!
all of the kids.
youngest {2} to oldest {12}.

cade was in heaven.  all those girls...he loved it!
{he was so happy having all those kids there...he could play and play and play.}

the reason i have my sisters...
these three beauties started preschool together eight years ago.
{it was fun to watch them catch up and enjoy each other's company.}
some highlights:
*playing spite and malice
*watching the kids with the snakes...who was afraid and who wasn't
*lots of yummy food
*long hikes
*singing songs on the trails
*daily happy hour
*watching the kids play games in the grassy yard in the evening...all of them...together
we loved sharing our slice of heaven.
"nalla" and "chras"...thank you.  love you sisters!
ps...thanks N for taking the cute pics. :)