Monday, September 17, 2012

Last Week...

we found a chicken wandering around our yard.
{a few days later there was a "lost chicken" sign in the neighborhood!!!}
this cute girl got glasses...and contacts.
i was hesitant with the contacts...
but, she has been awesome with them.
she begged for them.  she said, "i don't want to be the kid with glasses AND braces!"
{but, i think she looks darling in glasses.}
thanks to mimi and papa...
mr. c and i enjoyed a 24 hour "staycation" at the jw marriot.
cocktails by the pool...lots of public display of affection...yummy food...
and impromptu karaoke by mr. c.
{he told them it was my birthday and he needed to sing "fly me to the moon" by sinatra.}
and, this cute boy had his first soccer game.
he loved it.
but, he did not like sitting out.
{they had to rotate players.}
he would pace the side line saying,
"coach, can i go back in now?"

good week.
happy week.
hope this one is just as good.