Thursday, September 6, 2012

Me? Weird?

my kids often accuse me of being weird.
(because, they're not at all!)

last night - as dinner was being prepared {by randi}...
and the table was being set {by cade}...
we were watching superman...
{good ol' christopher reeves}
and i had a fabulous idea.
so, i blurted out,
"that's it!  we can all be super heroes for halloween!"
{i'm trying really hard to do family themed costumes.}
both of my kids looked at me with appalling eyes and yelled,
then cade added, "and you are not coming to our school dressed as dorothy from the wizard of oz.  no.  you are not!"
{i had that great idea during breakfast.}
randi said, "no way.  you're not mom!  you are so weird. none of the other moms dress up and come to school...and hand out treats. it's embarrassing!"
after listening to them rant for a minute or so...
i said, "yes.  i.  am.  and, all of your friends wish they had moms as cool as yours."
{some day they will realize just how lucky they are!}

side note:  randi made spaghetti {because it's justin beiber's favorite meal} and cheese ravioli {for her little brother}, salad, and a "meat" sauce.  since she is vegetarian - she made the sauce with smart ground {a soy protein}.  everyone loved it!  the boys gobbled it up. 
and i was happy knowing they were getting lots of protein and iron with their pasta.