Sunday, October 28, 2012


i really need to start blogging again.  on a regular basis.  i have good intentions.  every day.
but. the day is over before i know it.
here is a little snippet of things in my life.
at the moment.
we thought it would be so much fun to take the kids to an ASU game.
it was a big game.
asu vs oregan.
an ESPN televised game.
and...we {asu} had been looking good in the weeks leading up to the game.
it was CRAZY.
tons of people.
walking  to our {very good}seats was like walking through a mosh pit.
poor cade was getting squished and randi had sweat wiped on her. from others.  YUCK!
we finally made it to our seats...
{50 yard line.  12 rows up.  near the student section.}
only to find that nobody sits down.
we made a touchdown in the first minute.
we all got excited!
it became a blood bath after that.
those ducks killed us.
{they were amazing to watch though.}
we left early.  before the first half was over.
lesson learned...
watch those big games in the comfort of your own home.

our home has been decorated for halloween since october 1st.
i love this time of year!
costumes have been bought or made...
cade - spiderman {wouldn't let me make it.}
randi - 80's girl {made part of it.}
me - wonder woman {made the whole kit-n-kaboodle.}
emerson - batman {happily made it.}

i went to a haunted house with randi and her friend {aubri} and her grandma.
i used to love them!  but, i had not been to one {a real one} in 10-15 years.
it was so fun!
those girls screamed the entire time!!!
bob and i took cade to a haunted hayride and haunted house a couple of nights ago.
it was perfect for him.
just scary enough...
he loved it!
we are going to try and squeeze in one more haunted house...
and the state fair...
and trick or treating...
and make treats for our friends.
{it will be a busy few days.  but, so much fun!}

*{on a side note.  i always dress up and i always go to their school.  they - mostly randi - are begging me not to.  but, i feel it is my obligation.  what's halloween without embarrassing your kids?}

: )