Thursday, October 4, 2012

New Rules

{almost} two weeks ago...
we had a family meeting.
mom {that would be me}
was at the end of her rope with a certain child asking {every day}
if he could be picked up early or just skip all together.
it had gotten to the point where he would fake sick each morning.
{i never bought it.}
he called me twice from school {in one week} saying he was sick.
his teacher would not allow, he would do it during lunch.
sly little bugger!
{*side note - once he is there he loves it.  his teacher said he is great in class and she was surprised he acted this way to me.  most days, he doesn't want to leave when i'm there to pick him up.}

i needed a plan.  i needed him to earn or lose privileges based on his actions.
and his sister needed to participate too.
she needed to work on her time management skills...
be ready in the morning...
not call during the day because she forgot something.

so, after some discussion with mr. c
we came up with some new rules.
they were expected to go to bed and get up on time...
not ask to skip or leave school early...
make their beds...
pick up their belongings...
complete homework shortly after school.
by complying with our new rules
they could earn Popsicle sticks...
or lose them.
each stick is worth $.50.
by the end of the week they could have a few extra dollars...or none at all...
depending on their choices.
mom and dad will no longer be purchasing little {or big} things for them.
no more 99 cent songs from itunes.
no more little gadgets and gizmos...or hats...or whatever.
they will be paid at the end of the week.
a portion of their earnings will go to savings...the other portion will go to spending.

{above picture:  making their "stick" cans.}

{the completed cans.}

we had a family meeting.
went over everything.
there were a few questions...but, they took it all in.

an hour later cade came in to me and said,
"so.  i can NEVER ask to skip or be picked up early?"
me:  "well. not really.  if we want you to miss or leave early - we will tell you."
him:  "well, i just can't live with that!"

mr. c does not know where he came from.
he said, "i never asked to miss school.  never!"
i just looked at him sheepishly and said, "well, i did it well."
{and i turned out ok.}

the first week was good.
the second {and current} week is not quite as good.
the only thing he struggles on is wanting to be picked up early...he just wants to be home.
{at first we thought there was something wrong at school.  but, after talking to his teacher and him - we are confident that is not the problem...he is just my homebody.}
and miss priss?  she has done ok.  other than a couple of mornings...not wanting to get up.
looks like i will be saving some money this week!