Tuesday, November 6, 2012

9 Years

the day after halloween
i celebrated nine years of marital bliss with this man.
{mostly bliss.  99%}

we had lunch together at pita jungle.
{my favorite.}
and hung out for most of the afternoon.
we ordered pizza for dinner
{that's what we were eating when he proposed}
and dined with the kids.

the next day - the kids had the day off from school.
and {wonderful} mimi took the day off....
so, we could head to greer without the kids.

after a quick goodbye...
we enjoyed a quiet breakfast and hit the road.

that evening, we laughed with our friends {chris and linda}...
and dined on appetizers and wine at 373.

the following morning, i was greeted with breakfast in bed....
yogurt and fruit and an egg white/veggie pita sandwich.

we spent the day lounging, hiking, and lounging some more.
mr. c continued to feed me well for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

on our last day, we worked out together and then rode our bikes to our favorite
mountain breakfast place.

we arrived at mimi and papa's house early evening.
i missed my babies.
they were happy to see us.
{as were mimi and papa!}

they had a weekend filled with shopping, laughter, giggles, and lots of fun!
and we had a weekend filled with relaxing, snuggling, eating, and lots of love!

thank you mimi and papa for being the greatest grandparents of all times.
for making it possible for us to have had 9 years of a very happy marriage!!!