Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Thanksgiving Letter

thanksgiving has come and gone.
{it was nice and mellow.  we ate outside at my mom's.}
christmas decorations are already up and carols are playing on the radio.
{isn't it a rule that they go up the day after thanksgiving....and come down the day after christmas?}

my heart is always full of gratitude...but, of course, all that i am thankful for is at the forefront of my thoughts during this time of year.  therefore, i decided to write a little to remember what i was most thankful for. right now.  at this chapter in my life.

dear papa,
thank you for treating my mom the way she deserves to be treated.  thank you for being a loving dad to me.  thank you for being the most amazing grandpa to my kids.  thank you for being a role model to them.  and me.
thank you for sharing your huge, kind heart.  love you.

dear debbie,
thank you for sharing your beautiful son with me....and for being a wonderful mom to him. thank you for being my sister.  i remember when i received the call that troy had proposed...on a snowy hike.  {such a romantic.  i raised him well!}  i was so excited to be getting the sister that i never had.  thank you for sharing your kind heart and soul with me.
love you.

dear troy,
thank you for being you.  wonderful you.  thank you for always listening to me.  {thankfully, we see eye to eye on most things.}  you always manage to raise my spirits and put things in perspective for me.  your kind soul amazes me.  and.  i am so proud of you.  love you.
{oh yeah...i guess you had some part in that darling boy of yours...thanks for sharing him.}

dear emerson,
oh sweet boy!  thank you for gobbling up my chocolate chip cookies.  thank you for bossing randi around and giggling with cade.  thank you for making me laugh and telling me, "you need to think about that some more" before i make a purchase.  thank you for wanting me to make your costumes.
but, most of all...thank you for making me aunt mindy.  love you.

dear mimi,
thank you for being the best mom and mimi anyone could ask for.  i'm sure there are times when you wonder where your kids came from {especially troy, right?}  we don't always agree on things.  however, it is because of you that i am the way i am.  you raised me to never judge myself...that i can do and achieve anything...we are all equal...the importance of education...if i feel down and out - do something for someone else...and...if i am not hurting others or my eternal salvation - than i'm ok. :)
i am so lucky to have you.  thank you for guiding me.  love you.

dear randi,
or should i say, dear mini mimi?! 
thank you for being the best daughter i could ask for.  you are smart, beautiful, funny, and a true leader.  i am amazed by your strength and confidence.  i know you will achieve everything you put your mind to.  i've enjoyed every moment of watching you grow...and turn into a young woman.  although is has happened in the blink of eye...i have loved it.  but, i'm almost afraid to blink again...i'll be visiting you in college.  will it be brown or harvard?  or nyu?  you have set your sights high!  thank you for making my days sparkle.  love you.
{and thank you for teaching me everything i never wanted to know about one direction and JB.}

dear cade,
my darling boy...thank you for being a fighter.  thank you for fighting to get stronger when you were a we could bring you home.  and raise you.  and love you.
thank you for always wanting to stay home.  although your morning ritual of taking your temperature and faking sick kills me...i love that you want to be home.  {and, truth be told....if i was ruler of the world...i would keep you home.}  thank you for testing my patience.  {you are very good at that.}thank you for being all boy.  thank you for playing games outside until it's dinnertime.  you are a smart, confident, funny, kind boy...and i adore you.  thank you for snuggling and making my days full of sunshine.  love you.

dear mr c.,
my baby.  thank you for loving me with all that you have.  thank you for providing for work so hard.  thank you for making our home beautiful.  thank you for always giving 110% on projects.  {like the christmas lights.  you moaned and groaned...but, they are spectacular!}  you are the kindest and most thoughtful man.  your generosity is overwhelming.  thank you for your honesty and respect.  thank you for being an awesome dad.  thank you for making me laugh.  thank you for kissing me at just the right moments.  thank you for being mine.  all mine.
love you.

i am thankful for my life.  my dear friends.  my incredible family. 
i am thankful for my freedom.
i am thankful for the ups and make me happy {of course} and downs make me stronger.
i am thankful for the strangers that cross my path...and all i can learn from them.

{i'm also thankful for automatic washers and driers.  and electric mixers.  and cupcakes.}

life is good.