Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

love this time of year!
halloween was fun...as always!

the day started with a Wonder Woman workout!
i taught my class in costume. 
however, it didn't last the whole hour. i had to disrobe about 5 minutes in to it.

later, it was time to embarrass my children. cade wasn't fazed at all. but randi? mortified.
Wonder Woman delivered her lunch.
said hello to all her friends.

after trick or treating our neighborhood...
we headed to mimi and papa's. we were anxious to see emerson.
(and mimi and papa. of course.)
we also go to see my friend ally and her hubby and kids.
and our friend mary jean.

i was excited to make emerson's batman costume...and my Wonder Woman!
together we were ready to save the world!!!
cade was supposed to join our super team and be Spider-Man...
but, he changed his mine.
at 5:00.
halloween night.

randi was an 80's girl. i made her tutu and she donned some leggings, leg warmers, fingerless gloves,crimped hair and rockin' make-up!
this was the first year she didn't want to trick or treat...but, she walked with our neighborhood group and helped the little ones.  (and raked in some more babysitting jobs.)

it was a fun evening.
and now...
cade and i already talking about what we will be next year!