Monday, December 17, 2012

Kisses Goodbye

last friday, was like any other day for me.  i volunteered at the school, taught my fitness class, got my hair done, ran some errands, picked up my babies from school...

and, while i was doing these ordinary things...
moms, thousands of miles away, were rushing to their children's see them.  hold them.  to make sure they were still alive.

tragedy struck.  again.
this time, the crazy gunman entered an elementary school in Connecticut.
and he killed.
he killed six adults and twenty kids {6-7 year olds}.
TWENTY children.
and. nobody knows why.
he killed his own mother first...then headed to the school where he took all of those young lives.

i learned about the news just before i picked up my babies.  my heart was heavy.  i linked arms with them as we walked to the car.

at home, mr. c was watching the news in disbelief.  i told him i couldn't watch it and left the room.  moments later, i was by his side.  crying. he leaned over and held me.

all i could think of were those parents...
some may have already had presents beneath the tree...
stockings hung.  with their child's name spelled out in glitter.
some were probably heading to holiday parties or visits with santa...over the weekend.
maybe...some were in a rush that morning and missed the hugs and kisses goodbye.  or snapped at their little one for not eating breakfast or being too slow or forgetting their lunchbox.  and that memory is burning in their heart.

and now...
because some sick individual was able to get assault weapons...
they are burying their babies.  and burying their dreams, goals, achievements, sorrows, and futures along with them.
it's not fair.  it's not right. 

NO ONE should have the right to kill.  NO ONE should have the right to own these weapons.
changes need to be made.  NOW.
and...we need to be more aware of mental illness.  what are the immediate warning signs and what can be done.

this morning, i had a lump in my throat as i walked my kids into school.  it was a little harder kissing them goodbye...letting them go.  i will have to depend on others to keep them safe for the day.  but, i will continue to encourage them and help them spread their wings.  i will continue to let them they can grow.  and, i will always,  always...stop to give them kisses goodbye.