Thursday, January 24, 2013

25 Strawberries

november 28, 2012.
mr. c and i traveled downtown with troy and debbie
to celebrate a special couple.
the four of us joined mimi and papa at a quaint italian restaurant...
where we dined on tasty morsels and delicious wines.

we were there to help them celebrate twenty years of marriage.
and, this wasn't just any italian restaurant.
it was the place of their first date...
over twenty years ago. 
after a lovely meal...
our waiter presented a tray of decadent chocolate covered strawberries.
25 chocolate covered strawberries.
papa then told us the berries represented...
 20 for each year of their wonderful marriage.
3 for the three my mom ate on their first date.
{when he asked her if she wanted dessert on that night...she said "no". 
then, proceeded to eat all of them.}
1 for her.
1 for him.

oh that man!  i was crying.
so sweet.  and romantic.
a man after my own heart.

i am so blessed to have these amazing people in my life.
and even more blessed i can call them my parents.
thank you, papa, for asking her to marry you.
thank you, mom, for saying yes.
i love you both.