Monday, January 14, 2013

This Christmas

yes.  i know.  christmas is already a thing of the past.
however, i've been a little busy...and i must document christmas 2012.

they were...
...a whirlwind.

days were spent with family...
{as seen above.}
...finding santa while looking at christmas lights.
hanging decorations made by little hands.
{cade's kindergarten gift.}
...playing in the snow!
{we had a white "two days after" christmas.} at my favorite changing hands.
{i lost cade and found him like this.}
...making homemade gifts and treats.
...visiting santa in her pajamas.
...lots of smiles and surprises.
{like randi opening her gift and finding a michael kors bag from mimi.}

we also had a little elf live in our home this year.
{elf on a shelf.}
that little guy was in a different spot each morning...
leaving notes for cade and making him laugh.
when we took down the decorations cade cried that he didn't want kevin the elf to leave.
i decided he could "hibernate" on the shelf in his room...and keep an eye on him!

all in all...the festive days were good.
although, i have to c and i were glad when they were over.
{it gets a little stressful at times...being around those we would rather not...the shopping...the nonstop, randi was not with us this year. 
and, that always makes for an emptier christmas.}

new year's eve was nice and mellow...hanging with my babies.
{well, my baby - mr. c - hung with some friends...but, i opted to stay in.
and.  was asleep by 10!}