Thursday, February 7, 2013

Birthday Man

see this beautiful man?
he is kind,
extremely generous,
the love of my life.

and, he just celebrated a birthday!
{photo from dback camp...a few weeks ago.}

his birthday was on superbowl sunday.
{it was nice of the nfl to plan such a big party for his birthday.}

he was out with some buddies the night before...
so, sunday was pretty mellow.

i made him a yummy breakfast of waffles with berries and veggie/egg white omelets.

he cooked some scrumptious "football" food and i made a decadent birthday cake.
we spent the day relaxing and eating.  some of his friends and my parents stopped by during the game to wish him birthday happiness...
and cute little emerson {along with his awesome parents} called to sing "happy birthday".
the kids and i made a big, fun card and showered him with kisses.

i think he had a nice birthday...
he was surrounded by those who love him and make him smile...
and that's birthday happiness.