Friday, February 15, 2013

Ed Sheeran

Ever heard of him? No? I'm not surprised. However, my daughter has been pretty obsessed with this red headed singer for a while. (She calls him her ginger Jesus.)
He's opening for Taylor Swift in may. (Which we are going to.) but, when I saw that he was performing at a relatively small venue in mesa...I decided to get tickets for her. (Mommy points!)
A friend of hers also got a, I took both girls. They made t-shirts and were SOOOO excited!! When we arrived, we entered a very long line. Fortunately, we were in line right behind a very nice mother and daughter. We all hit it off!
When the time approached for mr. Sheeran to come on stage...we allowed the girls to venture into the crazy crowd. I was a little nervous...but, they were good and they promised to stick together. My new friend and I visited and found ourselves enjoying the music. I was, actually, pretty impressed. Towards the end of the show, he asked everyone to hold their lights (phones) up. It was quite a sight. But, my friend and I were laughing about the change of times.
phones...not lighters!

Randi was beside herself with happiness. She said it was one of the best nights ever!!