Thursday, February 7, 2013

Precious Child

my daughter.
12 going on 20.
she is very smart...funny...sweet...
and a real go getter.

however, she is opinionated and does not shy away from expressing her thoughts.  i have told her to always back up her educated in what she is saying.  and, she has been good about complying with that suggestion...or maybe it's that she is just so confident...
it comes across as she knows what she is talking about!

she is a true leader and does well in school.  she is loved by her teachers.
well, except for one.
her social studies teacher does not seem to like her.
the feeling is mutual.
every night at dinner, randi entertains us with stories of mrs. r.
on one of her recent rants randi was telling us how the teacher mis-pronounced a word.
and...randi corrected her.
then, the teacher {while discussing religion} said, "i wonder what they worship in asia?"
randi:  "probably whatever they want to worhsip."
teacher: "no. i think they worship buddha."
randi:  "but, some of them may be catholic, mormon, christian, etc."
teacher:  "no. i'm sure it's buddha they worship."
randi:  "if they are buddhists they do. other"

ok. yes, randi was right. however, she doesn't just let it go...she has to have the last word.
at the end of her rant...randi said,
"she's just...she's just...she's just a dumb ass!"

this is my child who gets mad at her brother if he says "stupid".

last night, she was telling us that the class was reading out loud. the boy who was reading mis-pronounced the word patience. {he chopped it up!}
randi - of course - corrected him.
mrs. r got mad at her and told her not to do that.
randi was flabbergasted!
she said to me,
"mom, i was just helping him!  i didn't want him to be 30 years old and not know how to say that word correctly!"
me: "well, maybe the teacher felt that it was her job to correct him."
randi: "no. i waited a full 10 seconds to see if she would correct him and she didn't.  she probably thought that was the correct pronunciation!"

i turned to mr. c and said, "is it any wonder this teacher doesn't like her!?"

{i really think the teacher is jealous of my daughter.}

the girl kills me!
but, at the same time...i am bursting with pride!  she is an awesome young woman.