Thursday, March 7, 2013

40's been two and a half weeks since i entered a new decade.
i turned 40.
and.  i am very excited about it!!!

my parents and mr. c threw a fabulous party for me.

my eyes began to tear as i walked in and saw all of the pictures, quotes, and decorations my mom had placed around her wonderful home.
she did so much....with so much love...
as only a great mother could do.

i had no secrets left by the end of the night!

this sexy man prepared grilled pizzas {my fav}
through out the evening.
they were soooo good!

oh, how i love him!

i was surrounded by those nearest and dearest to me.
{"sister" w and ally.}
and...although it wasn't a surprise party...I did get a wonderful surprise.
my dear friends Chris and Linda drove in from out of town...
I cried when I saw them walk in the room!

i wish i had taken more pictures of guests...but, i was too busy drinking wine
and laughing with everyone.

it was, truly, the best way to start this new chapter of my life.
it was perfect.
fabulous food...beautiful decorations...
and the best people!

{thank you mimi, papa, and mr. c.}

on the evening of my actual birthday,
mr. c took me to one of my favorite boa.
we ate homemade pasta that melted in our mouths...drank a lovely wine...and just when we thought we could not eat another bite...
they brought us a birthday cheesecake.

and...on the morning of my bday,
my front yard was decorated with balloons and banners!
{thanks mom!}

also, i celebrated with my classes all week. i had a week of "mindy's favorite things".
i had a drawing each day and gave away fun items...homemade bread, cookies, starbucks, flowers...

and...some of the highlights of the day were receiving texts and phone calls from friends and family.  all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, nana, friends...thank you!  i love you.

it was the best birthday and i feel amazing!
i am so blessed.