Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Favorite Place

last sunday
i took these two little darlins to the zoo.
since we are members...we decided to wait and go the last hour or two...after the crowds had gone.

it was perfect.
the weather was fabulous.
all the little critters were out.

my favorite place is the rose the flamingos.
we always have to go by...and sit on the bench.

i rarely see the otters out.

we all love the monkey village.

we were really this close.
i tried to leave my two monkeys...but, they wouldn't let me.

cade took over the picture taking in the "birds of flight" area.

last time we were there...
this magnificent bird was roaming around.
cage free.

we couldn't leave without a ride on the merry-go-round.

it was a a lovely afternoon.
we do not get to the zoo as often anymore.
{dang school!}
they both know i love taking them to the zoo and botanical gardens, etc.
sometimes they use that...against me.
they play on my weak emotions. they try hard to win a hooky day...
"'s so nice today.  maybe we should go to the zoo or something. 
we never get to go anymore."
in fact, i believe cade used that line this morning.
{it didn't work.  tempting thought.}