Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter 2013

I think Easter is my favorite holiday.
I love the weather....the smells...the colors...the traditions.
It's just the perfect time of year.

We had our second annual neighborhood egg hunt. There were a million eggs!
(We never got an actual count...but, there were a lot!)
The kids have so much fun...I love it!

My darlins and my little nephew darlin dyed eggs together. Emerson wasn't too sure about it at first...he didn't want to get his fingers dirty!

After the Easter bunny visited our home Easter morning...we headed over to Mimi and papa's for their traditional festivities.
Bonnets were donned, eggs hidden...and found, and yummy food was gobbled up.
It was a little more mellow this year...we were missing a few people. But, it was nice and relaxing.
And. The kids had a bast.