Tuesday, April 9, 2013

For Love of the Game

in our home...
we kinda like baseball.
{cade practicing in the cages.}

my sexy husband was a major leaguer again this year.
{he participated in dback fantasy camp.}

and this cute guy was bat boy.
he was all smiles.

my two boys.

the world baseball classic was in our backyard this year.
so...we went.
to two games.
usa vs. mexico...which was CRAZY!
it was packed...but, so fun.

and...usa vs. italy.
{our seats were a little closer this time..not nearly as crowded.}
this game was a date night...just me and mr. c}

although it wasn't as packed with fans...
there were some very patriotic fans in the crowd.
{this guy was sitting right behind us.}

and, this little slugger started his little league season.
now that he is older, the "three strikes you're out" rule is in effect.
therefore, i tend to hold my breath each time he is up to bat.

he loves it.  if he's not playing a game or at practice...
he is in the front yard organizing a game with the neighborhood kids.
the kid loves to play...
and, i love to watch him.