Thursday, April 18, 2013

Life via Iphone

my favorite little sports guy finished basketball...
just in time to start baseball.
{the kid is happiest when playing...some kind of sport.}

i said goodbye to my dear friend, ally.
{can't wait to go to seattle to visit her!}

the biggest bubble bath.  ever.

newest addition to the family.
ethan the frog joins darwin the fish.

this beautiful girl got her braces off.
{she looks so much older.}

we saw peter facinelli at the mall.
{dr. carlisle cullen...twilight.}
the line was huge and mr. c didn't want to meet him.  go figure.

a beautiful rose from the rose garden at the zoo...

i've been in such a funk for the last couple of days. 
it has felt good to get lost in my pictures and the blog world for a while.
the boston bombings has made me so sad. 
i can't begin to imagine what those people are going through.
and, i don't understand why...
why anyone would do such a vile, horrible thing.
it breaks my heart.
i was also saddened {and angry} to hear our leaders had shot down the bill to ensure more background checks on gun purchases.  how could they look at those families of shooting victims and tell them they are not going to do anything to make a difference...because the all mighty dollar and the support of the nra is much too important to them.
spineless, narrow minded people.
as for az reps...
yay for mccain and a HUGE boo for flake.