Thursday, June 6, 2013


my beautiful girl turned 13 on memorial day.

she got to plan the entire day.
which meant...
breakfast at p. croissant and
a visit to the "pop up" one direction store.
ohhh....if only the boys were there.

from there we went to the mall...
purchased items at the apple store. :)

and had lunch at wild flower.

when i asked what type of dessert she would like  she said...
"you could make cookies and give me the cookie dough!"
so, that's what we did.

yes.  she really blew out a candle {with the help of her brother}
on a ball of chocolate chip cookie dough!

dear randi,
i can't believe you are 13.
time flies.
way too fast.
{i know it doesn't seem that way to you.}
you are such a joy in my life.
and, i could not be prouder of the young woman you are becoming.
you are smart, focused, level headed, funny, and strong willed.
{sometimes too strong willed.}
i love that you are your own person...and you own it.
do not ever let anyone take that spark out of you.
know that you are a good person...beautiful on the inside and out.
and i'm just to proud to know ya! ; )
i love you buttercup.