Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm Feeling 22

"i don't know about you...but, i'm feeling 22."
{lyrics to 22}

the day after randi turned 13...we attended the taylor swift concert.
{tickets were a christmas present.}

our seats were so close!!!
2 rows behind this bar and right next to the side stage area.
we watched the dancers warm up and the opening act hung out right by us
the whole time!

loved watching her.
those smiles were there all night!

ed sheeran opened for taylor.
randi LOVES him.
at the end of his shows he has everyone hold up their phones and he takes a pic and tweets it later.
{so, since we have seen him before...randi claims she is in two of his pictured tweets.}

this girl was AMAZING!
a true entertainer and an empowering role model for girls.

it was a spectacular show.
i would go again.
in a heartbeat.