Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mean Guy...Nice Police

there is a lovely park just north of us.
{one street over.}
technically, it "belongs" to a different HOA.
however, it is completely open...and even has a pass through  from our neighborhood.

we have enjoyed this park for years.
it is, actually, a retention area...a large green belt.
a few years ago, the residents had a playground built.
{it takes up a very small portion of the park.}

we have never had problems there...
a very mean man moved in.
right across from the park.
{his house faces the park.}

for the last 2 months he has harassed children, families, mothers with babies.
telling all of them they must leave.
about a month ago my neighbor was there with some other moms and all the neighborhood kids
{including my son}...
he was extremely rude to her and called the police on her!

but, we have not had any issues since.
last night,
when cade asked if he could gather everyone at the park for an epic whiffle ball game...
i said sure.

the next thing i knew, my friend/neighbor called saying the police were at the park with our boys!

mr. c and i rushed down there.
i was making a b-line to the a**hole.
mr. c was yelling at me to not go near him.
and the cop was yelling at mr. c to not yell at me.

this man stood at the edge of the park with his arms crossed.
yelling, "go find your own park!"
{truly.  i can't make this stuff up.}

the poor officer was on his 6th call to the park from that jerk.
{the officers were so nice.}

i have been so worked up about it all day.
i finally decided to let it go.
he is not worth my time.
he is an angry man with nothing better to do than play hitler of the park.
my world is so much better than his.
but, he makes his corner of the world an uglier place.
sucks to be him.