Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Playing in the Big Leauges

cade and i had a baseball date last sunday.
we watched the dbacks take on the giants.
{we lost.  boo.}

mr. c was there too.
but, he was in a suite hanging with the guys he played with
in the fantasy camp.
they had a reunion game after the MLB game.

and this little stud was bat boy.

love that laugh.

"really mom?"

and....my big stud.

he made some awesome plays as third baseman.
{the best one out there.}

and, he was the best bat boy.
{i'm not biased at all.}

mr. c loved seeing all the guys.

"knock it out of here, dad."

swing, batter, batter, batter, swing!

and knock it out he did!
everyone thought it was gone.
{and, it almost was!}

making it to second...

and making the run.

i was so proud of him.
i LOVE watching him play.
he loves the game and you can tell.

i'm not sure which of my boys had the most fun.
they both love that game...
and i love them.
like crazy.