Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Lately...

among other things, we have...
visited the aquarium.

loved watching our garden grow...and eating the rewards!

turned the living room into an indoor baseball field.
{at times, i have 6 boys playing baseball in the house.  crazy.}

we have lived in the pool.
{these two cousins could be siblings!}

mr. c and i had a staycation...at our home.
mimi picked up the kids on a thursday morning and didn't return them till sunday.
while they enjoyed the cool mountain air of big tree...we enjoyed FOUR days of couple time.
{and a clean house!}
we lounged.  we went to a movie. we ate out. we cooked in.  we worked out and hiked together.
and we finally made it to pizzeria bianco.
loved it.
{and REALLY loved the long weekend with my fabulous husband...thank you mimi.}

we have hung out at cool coffee shops like this one.
{shine in phoenix.}

i have found lots of pictures like this on my phone.

we have played games...like scrabble.

we {or i} have ran into exotic birds outside starbucks .
{there were two.  they ended up on my head.  tangled in my ponytail.}

we celebrated the 4th of july with the backs.
{it was actually the 5th of july.}
before the game, they did a heartfelt, beautiful tribute to the 19 firefighters who died in the yarnell fire.  bagpipes, amazing grace, photos of the men...amazing.
they also honored the military...past and present.

now, i am one who usually cries during the anthem.  it is always amazing to me that thousands of people can gather in one place and a song can bring the crowd to complete silence.  however, this time as the anthem was sung, it wasn't silent.  you could hear thousands of voices singing.