Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Remodel...Once Again

mr. c has a great eye.
and, when he gets an idea...he wants it done...
so, when we agreed that our kitchen cabinets needed remodeled, re-done, taken out...something...
mr. c got right on it.
but, it could't just be the cabinets.
the refaced cabinets were too dark against our paint.
therefore, we repainted.
our island was not user friendly.
therefore, we needed to knock it out and re-do it.
{which lead to no kitchen sink for two weeks.}
and, it would be ''really cool" if we created a table to match the new island...
and we need to add brick accents around the new island and back splash.
and, while we are at it, let's add brick around the entry way of the master bedroom.

as we moved and shuffled furniture to and fro... we could not find a home for the wine fridge.
so, a "wine closet" was created out of a hallway closet.
and mr. c decided the old furniture was not working...
so, we bought new.

we are just about done.
i survived.
oh, i forgot to mention...
our a/c went out in the middle of all this.
painters and brick and mortar guys were working in our 100 degree home.
we tried to live in it.
and mr. c and i almost divorced over it.
{not really...but, it was a true test of our love.}


and after: