Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Good Place

after my spin class today, i was talking to a woman in my class
about rules.
{i had recently been notified that i had been breaking a few rules while teaching...oops.}
we both agreed that rules were {sometimes} meant to be broken.
we went on talking and agreed...

how nice it is to finally have some thick skin and not worry about
everyone else or what they are thinking.
with age comes confidence.
and.  i am so grateful for both.
it's nice to like myself...to be comfortable in my own skin and
stand up for what i believe is right and true.
it's refreshing to raise my babies and watch them shine with confidence.
{sometimes a little too much confidence...is that possible?}
i'm in a good place right now.  life is good.

although, it's so good that sometimes i feel as though i'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
a tidal wave in my sea of happiness.
but, you know what?  maybe it already has dropped. maybe i'm just so much stronger now and i was able to handle it better than i ever expected. maybe it didn't hurt as bad as before.
maybe life really is that good.
maybe...it really is as simple as making good choices.
{lord i hope so!  i use that one on my kids daily.}

maybe, shoes drop around us all the time.
we make choices.  we make mistakes.
but, it's the choices we make, how we handle those mistakes
 and, how we walk in those dropped shoes
that make us who we are...
giving us the confidence to be in a good place.