Thursday, December 12, 2013

Run Mama Run

last sunday, my awesome family woke up {in the cold} early
to support me as i ran the hot chocolate 15k. {9.3 miles}

it made me extremely happy to have them there.
{i probably over killed the "thank yous".}

i love running...
and i especially love running races.
i am a bit competitive and i seem to always do better when i'm racing
towards a finish line with a bunch of strangers.

it was a great run.
well organized, a cute hoody give away, and chocolate at the end.

my times and placement...

out of 1774 runners {in the 15k} i came in 361.
i was 39th in my age group.
188th out of all the females.
it took me one hour - 22 minutes - and 32 seconds.
my pace:  8 min and 52 seconds.