Sunday, December 15, 2013

Some Holiday Fun

we took the kids to pick out a real tree this year.
{a first for cade.}
since we decided to minimize decorations this year...
we opted to get a real tree.
it was fun taking the kids to pick out a real one.
and, it smells so good!
that stinkin' elf has returned.
we have found him in some pretty interesting places...
"tied" to the wall with army men surrounding him,
in the printer taking "selfies"...
but, a couple of times he has been so tired - he didn't move at all!

 i have to admit...
i didn't miss the full weekend of decorating.
but, i did miss all of our ornaments.
{we did not even enter the storage unit full of decorations.}
but, ornaments or not...a lit tree makes me smile.

cade and i were shopping last weekend and ran into this jolly ol' guy.

randi and i attended a downton abbey sneak preview party.
everyone was all dressed up in vintage clothes, hats, gloves...
i loved it!
plus, we got to watch the first episode of the new season.
{love that show.}

and, a few nights ago i was able to see one of my
all time favorites with my favorite girls.
the three of us had dinner at
the taco guild {highly recommend}
and then enjoyed white christmas at phoenix theatre.

the season is off to a great start!
more on the list...
luminaries at desert botanical gardens
zoo lights
temple lights
and continue our 12 acts of kindness in the 12 days of christmas.