Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

thanksgiving this year was shared with mimi, papa, troy, debbie, and emerson.
mr. c wanted to be home and we enjoy cooking and having these fabulous people with us.
although there were some moments of tensity...
{the holidays bring out the best of the stress in us}
it was a lovely day.

some highlights...
meeting my friend Kristen for an early run/bleachers.
talking with randi {she was with her dad} for an hour while we watched the parade together.
watching the little boys play football in our front yard.
{emerson made a touchdown!}
prepping the food with mr. c.
celebrating mimi and papa's anniversary with them.

the day before thanksgiving, the kids participated in the wax museum at school.
cade was a rock scientist and randi was princess diana.
{pictured with her friend, ashley.}

and, a little extra treat...
my dear friend, linda sent me a message the day before thanksgiving asking if i would like to come play on friday/saturday. her hubby and boys were going hunting and she had a free day.
to everyone's surprise...i said YES!
traditionally, i decorate the house the day after thanksgiving.  however, we are simplifying this year and are not turning our home into the christmas house.  so, i dropped cade off with mimi about one and headed to tucson.
as soon as i arrived, we headed to sabino canyon and did a four mile hike...and talked non-stop the entire time.
on our way home we picked up oregano's pizza.
her parents joined us for pizza and wine and we played shanghai.
{a super fun card game.}
we were up till midnight talking...much needed therapy for both of us!
i woke up the next morning and headed home to my boys.
{i think they appreciate me so much more when i leave for a few hours.}

the rest of the weekend was filled with family time and ASU beating those wildcats!!!!