Friday, January 31, 2014

Color Run 2014

last saturday, cade and i ran in the color run.
{all four of us were registered to run...
however, randi had to take honors placement tests for high school
and mr. c offered to take her.}

cade had been wanting to run this race ever since i came home as a muddy rainbow last year.
{last year it rained.  and rained. and rained.}
it was his first race and he did fabulous!

within the first five minutes, he said:
"this is awesome! let's do it again next year!"

he does, however, need to learn to pace himself.
he took off at a rapid pace and i kept telling him he needed to pace...
he said he was fine.
and he was for the first mile or so.
then, he wanted to walk.
"for just a minute."
as soon as he saw the color was coming...
he would take off again.

it was so much fun.
he never complained...
or got tired...
or wanted to quit.
he just wanted to get messy!

he has already been searching for more races.
i think he caught the bug.