Friday, January 31, 2014

Fantasy Camp 2014

this sexy man of mine played in his third year of
d'back fantasy baseball camp.

he left us on a sunday afternoon and spent the
next five days playing ball.

{fortunately, he was only 20 minutes away...
so, we were able to see him several times through out the week.}

this little slugger LOVED being bat boy and watching his dad play.
{baseball seems to run rapidly - and happily - through their veins!}

he really should have played professionally.
however, for selfish reasons, i am very happy that he didn't.
he may not be mine if he did.

i was so excited to stay the night at the resort and attend the banquet with him.
i was over the moon when he won mike morgan's choice of MVP.

i am so proud of him. him madly.