Tuesday, February 25, 2014


it's already february 25th...
and i realized i haven't blogged since the beginning of the month.
and, we've had a few life moments...

cade and emerson FINALLY got to see the lego movie.
{what is it with the advertisements teasing these kids for months and months?}

the movie brought inspiration.
they came home and wanted to empty out the two {very} large tubs of legos.
just when i thought we were done with legos.

mr. c and i became spartans!
{we did the spartan race.  five miles of trail running and a dozen or so obstacles.}
i can't believe he agreed to do it.
maybe because i asked him a week before his 50th...felt he had to prove his studliness.
and that he did.
it was awesome.
kind of crazy and intense...but fun.
i stayed with him during the running portions and he stayed and helped me with the obstacles.
perfect team.

valentine's day arrived...
spreading love all around.

valentine dinner...
chocolate covered strawberries, homemade pizzas, buttermilk pie.

the weather has been amazing.
my garden is flourishing...
bike rides are a must...
i've even basked in the sun a few times.
love it.

i turned another year older.
i celebrated with dinner at joyride taco with my three loves.
then, i celebrated over sushi with my two sisters.
then, i celebrated over brunch at my mom's with my fabulous family.
{birthdays are at least a week celebration around here.}

my beautiful daughter was accepted into a college prep high school
that we were REALLY hoping for.
she's been on the waiting list for almost a year...
she is beyond excited.
{and, so am i.}

february has been nice.
but, march is right around the corner...
promising to bring more sunshine,
little league,
spring break,
and spring training games.
can't wait!