Wednesday, February 5, 2014


two days ago this amazing man of mine turned a half century old.
he was a little funny about this birthday.
he didn't want to do anything...
he couldn't even decide what he wanted for dinner.
he was specific about the cake i was to make.
one layer of chocolate.
one layer of vanilla.
cream cheese frosting.
and, mini chocolate chips on top.

so, i happily obliged.

i made cupcakes with the leftover batter.
{the teachers were very happy that mr. c had a birthday.}

when he work up on his birthday morning and headed to the kitchen for his coffee...
he was greeted with
fifty things we love about him.
{colorfully stuck to the fridge.}

we love his heart...his sense of humor...that he likes playing baseball...
we could have gone on and on.

he even received a special message from this little guy.

all in all, i think he had a good day.
he relaxed a little and worked a little.

ate some good italian food and some FABULOUS cake. {wink. wink.}
my parents came over bearing gifts and my mom sang her birthday song.

we showered him with as much as love as we could muster.

he looks amazing.
he IS amazing.
i love this man with all my heart and soul.
he's good.
hard working.
and mine.

happy birthday my love.
{fifty never looked so good.}