Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Lately

randi and i had a date last weekend to see this cute man.
{he plays mr. schuester on glee.}
he was darling!
he sang sinatra, show tunes, and old classics.
he sang like frank and danced like fred.
his personality was down home ...friendly.
we both loved it.
we were sitting in row c {very close}...
so, i was able to crush on him up close.

before the show we had dinner at thai basil.
{her new fav.}

my brother sent me this pic the other day of my cute little nephew
eating the cookies i made for him.
{well, i told troy they were for him...but, they were really for e.}
i think the picture made me as happy as that cookie made him!

yesterday, after basketball...
some how i won the draw and got these three boys for the afternoon.
good, fun boys.
they never stopped.
{except for a brief moment for cade...when he gave me a hug. and, he a boy.}
it was an afternoon of football games, nerf gun wars, and hide and go seek.

other things in my world...

trying to figure out how to make mr. c's 50th special.
{when he doesn't want or to do anything.}

growing my hair out.
{yes, already.}
if i can just get it all one length - i would be happy.

high school...
we are touring, taking honors placement tests, and getting anxious.
{ok.  maybe i'm the only anxious one.}
randi is hoping and keeping all fingers crossed she gets in to a
local prep high school that we toured and LOVE.
we will know soon.
{i can't believe my sweet girl is going to high school!}

making the decision to switch schools for cade next year.
it's time.
it's been a tough year so far.
he's good...just a bad class.
time for a bigger environment.

movies and books...
have seen a few of the oscar nominated movies:
american hustle - liked
captain philips - loved
her - liked but, weird
want to see wolf of wall street and nebraska.

reading - the book thief...
good but, having a hard time finishing.
{tempted to see the movie instead.  shameful, i know.}
best book read in the past year {or so}?
the kitchen house.

and finally...
i have come to the conclusion that i only want warm weather.
we have had amazingly warm weather for janaury.
{wonderful 80 degrees.}
it dropped back down to the 60's this week.
i don't like it.
i know 60's is heaven for most of the country...
but, 80's is sublime.
i want to feel that warm sun on my face.
i will take our miserable august/september over what the
rest of the country is going through right now.
bring on the warmth.
{my daughter disagrees with me. completely.}