Tuesday, April 1, 2014


here i am.
the last day of march.
over 31 days since my last post.

i have no excuses.

march blew in and brought with her...
happy daffodils.

spring break and spring training games.

the opening of little league.
{so lucky to get white uniforms.  AND, a little boy who loves to slide.}

troy's art show.
he is amazing.
it was so much fun to spend the afternoon with him...meet the other artists...
and just hang with the cool cats.
{i am unbelievably proud of him.}

a hooky day.
we left school early to check out the new "hollywood costume"
exhibit at the phoenix art museum.

march also brought...
school meetings {preparing for high school}
dentist appointments {cade having 3 teeth pulled}
plays {randi and i saw pippin}
amazing weather {which has brought all the neighborhood kids to our pool}
boob ultrasounds {which i was told, "you have extremely dense tissue.  each visit you will have to do a mammogram AND ultrasound.  good news: you will probably never have saggy breasts...
bad news:  you are more prone to developing cancer in the breast as you age."  yippee.

and finally, march brought us mimi.  full-time mimi.
after 22 years with the d-backs, she has retired.
{she was their longest standing employee.}
now, i will not go in to what an incredibly, horrible organization the az d'backs are.
i will not go on and on how they treated their longest employee with such disregard.
i won't even mention how the president of the company and his cohorts are spineless, immature people who have made poor choices and disgusting behavior.
no. no. i won't get in to all the gory details.
my mother is the strongest, most amazing woman.
she raised me better than that.