Tuesday, June 10, 2014


june...yikes!  where has the time gone?  i can't believe i haven't blogged since march.  life has been carrying on.  as usual.

another wonderful easter at mimi and papa's.
hunting for easter eggs...fabulous food...water gun fights...
lots of stories told by family and friends...and of course, tons of laughter.

little league season came and went.
mr. c is the best coach.  ever.
he is so knowledgeable about the game, patient with the boys,
and has a genuine love and passion for the game.
and, my little lefty is following in his foot steps.
i love watching my boys on the ball field.

mother's day was spent relaxing and enjoying a nice dinner at the lakes with these fabulous people.
{mimi was living it up with her sister and sister in law on a little weekend get-away.}

our niece was married on a beautiful saturday afternoon at the farm.
her dress was gorgeous and she looked stunning.
it was such a lovely afternoon/evening.

we celebrated randi's 14th and emerson's 6th birthdays over homemade pizzas and
chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.

the birthday duo.
{they could pass for brother and sister.}

my beautiful daughter finished junior high and is on her to way high school.
her friend's mom arranged for the kids {and moms} to travel to the promotion dinner in a limo.  So fun for the kids!

awesome girl.
{she's really not taller than me.  yet.  her shoes were higher.}

she was so excited...

and we were so proud.

the night finished up with dancing, laughing, and her little brother hanging with the girls.

the past couple of months have been filled with love...happiness...and, i'm sure some frustrations.
and, i'm grateful for every moment.
watching my babies grow...kissing my husband...laughing with friends...crying over sorrows...
all these things make my life full.  and happy.