Thursday, July 31, 2014

I'll Always Be There

i was sound asleep when the phone rang at 11:30.
with my heart racing, i picked up the receiver.
and on the other end of that phone line i heard a sweet, tearful voice...
"mom, can you please come get me?"
"of course.  are you ok?"
"yes. i just want to come home."

it was cade.
although, he is almost ten - he has only had a couple of sleepovers under his belt.
{not because we haven't allowed it...he just doesn't want to.}
on this night, he was at one of his closest friend's house.
{one of only two places he has stayed before.}
i was a little surprised because he had just called me at 9:00 saying he was having
fun and wanted to spend the night.
but, i have always told my kids, "just call me and i will come get you".
so, that is just what i did.
with a sleepy eyed mr. c thinking i was crazy - i grabbed my phone and keys
and headed out the door.
my phone showed storm alerts and as i opened the garage i could smell
and hear the storm approaching.

i made it to the house and gathered my child.
i could tell he was a little embarrassed...he talked nonstop the whole ride home.
i asked him if he was ok and he said he just couldn't sleep.  the storm was freaking him out.
we didn't talk about it anymore.
driving home, i listened to his sweet voice...telling me all about lightning...
as we watched the most spectacular lightning show.
as the thunder boomed, i thought to myself, "i would want to be home too."

as i parked the car safely in the garage...
he reached for my hand and said, thank you.
and with that, my heart melted.

he fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow.
but, before he did...
i reminded him how much i love him and that i will always be there for him.
no matter what.