Friday, July 25, 2014


summer is almost over.  {well, summer break is almost over...not the summer temps.}
my goal, once the kids are back in school, is to blog more.  lots more.  like the good ol' days when i blogged almost daily.  {however, i have lots of plans and goals once the kids are back in, i'm not holding my breath.}

but for now, here is just a glimpse of my life lately...

we have become monopoly junkies.
at first it was just the kids and me....
but, when mr. c came home the other day with a new mega monopoly board -
i knew we had him hooked too.
{check out miss bossy pants...pointed finger and all.}

we have had fabulous family meals and even shared an evening with one of our
dearest greer family friends.
{michael is living here for the summer doing an internship.}

we attended the az rattlers reunion game.
i can't believe it's been 20 plus years since my first year on the dance team.
{i was a sidewinder from 1992-1996.}
we were invited to perform with the current team and all of the other alumni.
i passed this year.
but, next year?
i'm showing those twenty somethings what this forty something can do it! {ha!}
{pictured with bridgot and tracee...i told them we "oldies" have to perform next year.}

we devoured my first attempt at a brioche.
it was a black pepper brioche...and, it made amazing grilled cheese sandwiches.

and, this morning...
i dropped my baby off at freshman orientation.
she was excited and nervous.
i am so excited for her!!!
they swept her away the moment we walked in the door.
{i'm sure she was happy to not have me around to embarrass her.}
i can't wait to pick her up this afternoon and hear all about it!