Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Big Apple

june 26 - we landed in nyc...for a family adventure.
{view from the top of the rock.}

incredible of the rock.

nyc library.
this was on my list of must sees.
{because i'm weird and love libraries and i wanted to see the staircase where carrie was standing when big stood her up.} :)

the beautiful grounds of the library.

we saw all the sights...and stopped in the middle of rodes to take pictures.

one of the many high lights was randi finding her people.
{she says buddhists are her kind.}

another one of my favorite stops was when my mom, randi and i found mood.
{it was fabulous.}
the project runway crew had just been there that morning to begin filming the new season.

it was surreal to walk through the financial district where the twin towers had once stood.
the memorial was beautiful, tranquil...and eery.
i couldn't even begin to imagine what that day was like for all those there.

the new york stock exchange...there are permanent barricades around the building ...since 9/11.

we took a water taxi around the statue of liberty, ellis island, governors island and battery park.

randi captured this picture of us looking at the 9/11 memorial.

and...there she is!

all those damn tourists on the water taxi were driving me crazy!
{although we were tourist too.}

randi was really wanting to see of mice and men with james franco...
so, we had a girls night - while the boys headed to yankee stadium to watch yankees vs. red sox.
we had a nice dinner before the show...sushi and cheese plates.

the play was wonderful.  james franco was pleasant on the eyes and chris o'dowd was amazing.

the boys loved being at the game.

one day we took the subway to union square and walked and shopped.
{taza - a blogger who resides in nyc - put together a list of some of her favorite places...
we hit most of them!}
picture above:  fishes eddy and the the strand bookstore.

we happened upon molly's in greenwich village...
a darling cupcake cafe.

while we were walking {and walking} that day - we also stumbled upon the pride parade.
it was crazy!
you couldn't help but smile.  everyone was so happy.
{however, after so many hours of very crowded streets and not knowing our way around...we were losing our parade enthusiasm.}

central park was probably my favorite.
i really wanted to run through it one morning...but, we were not staying close enough.
it was much to see.
i would have loved more time there.

as we walked through the park - we ventured off and visited the museum of natural history.
it was pretty cool...tons to see!  again, more time would have been nice.
{cade with "dum-dum".}

the empire state building!

another amazing view.

we had to visit FAO schwartz and the piano from big.
{i really wanted to do a little song and dance number...but, they wouldn't let me.}

we checked out grand central station and visited the whispering corners.
if you stand in one corner and your friend stands in the opposite corner and whispers into the wall -
you can hear him/her.
{near the oyster bar.}

and, we attended a yankee game with our friends {also visiting from AZ}.

although sports are not her thing - we convinced her to go.  she needed to experience the subway ride to the bronx and a yankee game.
{mimi stayed at the hotel and saw a movie...she said she's already "been there - done that."}

on our last morning...
i convinced everyone {except mr. c} that we needed to wake up early and attend the today show.
it was so fun!!!
everyone was so nice...

...except martha stewart.  she is the only one who did not acknowledge the crowd.  she was awful.

but, this guy???
he was the best!
i have loved him for 20 years...this was my highlight!
i got my selfie with him - thanks to cade.
he was trying to run back in for the next segment but, cade kept yelling, "matt! matt!"
and, since he is such a nice guy - he couldn't turn away a kid.
so, he came back to cade and said, "hey, what's up bud?"
and cade said, "my mom wants a picture with you!"

after the today show. the producers asked us if we wanted to stay for the quiz game with
kathie lee and hoda.
we had seen hoda earlier and she was great...
and kathie lee was fun too...just as you would expect.

on our last night, we took a car {driver} to the upper west side and had dinner at jacob's pickle.
{a taza recommendation.}
it was our favorite place and the upper west side was my favorite area.

we also hit our first rain...
but, that didn't keep us from seeing columbia university...on randi's list of schools to attend.

other fabulous things...
visiting china town with my mom and randi.
{buying our LV bags was the funniest and most shady thing i have done.  my mom and i were laughing and randi was having a fit...terrified of getting in trouble.}
with bags in tow - we went in to little italy and had some yummy gelato.

the city bakery...amazing pretzel croissants.
{i have already found the recipe and will attempt to duplicate them.}

walking {and walking} with mr. c - trying to find the kate spade store...
but, giving up and ducking into an irish pub instead.

having my mom there to laugh {and laugh} with the kids.  we could hear them through the walls laughing hysterically.

the great burgers at the shake shack.

visiting tiffany's with my mom and randi.  we each got a little bauble.

everyone was very friendly.  and, the police {who were exceptionally kind and helpful}
were everywhere...which was awesome.

cade being called, "a skinny, little, hairy thing - who is white too!" by the cleaning lady at the hotel.

it was a fabulous trip.
i look forward to our next trip...especially now that we have done most of the "stuff".

i'm so grateful for mr. c for making the trip possible.
{he's a trooper to put up with the rest of us!}

thankful for my mom.
my kids were elated when they found out she was joining us.
{they were a little concerned papa wasn't joining us is not his thing.}
i don't think they could enjoy a trip without her there with them.
and, it was a bonus for us to have unexpected couple time.

love seeing the world with my little loves.
they are {for the most part} pretty good travelers.

thank you nyc.
you were everything you promised to be.
and more.