Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back To School They Go

first, was my handsome boy.
he started 4th grade on monday.
4th grade? how?
i swear it was just yesterday that i was toting giant garbage trucks everywhere we went.
he started a new school this year.
{we switched him to our home elementary school where randi attended.}
he was so nervous.
{sick to his stomach/tears nervous.}
we knew he would love it.  he just needed to get there and see all of his friends.
{his entire baseball team is there.}
and, he had already met his teacher and loved her.
we all walked him to his line...even sissy.
he wasn't big on the hugs and kisses that morning...but, he did say "i love you"
and gave me a little hug before he took off on his new adventure.
when i greeted him at the end of the day...he had a huge smile and said he LOVED it.
{thank goodness.}

and, the very next day...
my beautiful daughter started high school.
she was nervous too.
but, not the sick to her stomach/tears nervous.
she was excited!
it was her first time having a lock and, that took some getting used to.
{she practiced opening her lock several times over the weekend.}
she had already attended an orientation and a social to meet the teachers.
she had made some new friends and really liked her teachers...before school even started.
i really wanted to go in with her and help set up her locker...
but, nobody else thought that was a good idea.
as mr. c and i pulled away, watching our freshman enter her new school...i cried.
i cried because i'm proud of her.
i cried because i know the next four years will go by in the blink of an eye.
i cried because i know...she will spread her wings and fly across the country...
sooner than later.
when i greeted her at the end of the day...she also had a big smile and said she loved it.
i asked about her teachers and the classes...and boys.
she said, "here's the thing about being 14...boys either look about my age
or they look like they are 10.
but, i've decided...i'm going to be nice to those who look like they are 10 because, you never know what they are going to look like in a couple of years."
{smart, smart girl.}

i am one proud mama.
my heart is bursting with pride and love for these two babies.
{they say they are not babies...but, they will ALWAYS be my babies.}
ohhh how i adore them!

and finally, going back to school meant breakfast with these lovely ladies.
we have met - every year - at the start of school since our oldest were in kindergarten together.
ten years.
ten years we have met and talked about getting our kids off.
where they excited? nervous? where we excited? nervous?
we laugh. and, probably, sometimes we've cried...but, mostly we laugh.
there is a great comfort with these two "sister" friends of mine.
our girls have gone separate ways.
and, we don't see each other all the time.
when, we do get's like we haven't missed a beat.
i treasure their friendship and gain so much from each of them.
they are the friends i could call at any time and i know they would be there.
my life is richer because of them.

and now, as mr. c said, "it's that time of year again when you pick up a full time
job and do not get paid."
i even freed up my schedule {teaching less fitness classes} so, i can help in the schools.
the kids are SO excited.
cade has no choice in the matter.  i only have two years left helping in his classroom.
{i'm sure they frown upon a mom helper in junior high.}
and at randi's school... i have agreed to be on a faculty support committee.
 i get to bake yummy things for the teachers!
they really need parents to help with lunches {with the students}.
however, randi has not given me the green light yet.
she said lunch is stressful enough without me there.
{what?  she wouldn't even know i was there!}

so far, so good.  i'm thinking this is going to be a fabulous school year!