Saturday, August 2, 2014

Reminder: I'm Not 20 Anymore

it really doesn't seem that long ago that i was dancing and cheering my way through my early 20's.
{could my hair be any bigger?}
and...i don't feel like i'm in my 40's.
but.  i am.
and, i am reminded of it.

{mostly by my precious teenage daughter.}

here are a few recent reminders:

i was invited to attend the rattlers reunion game a few weeks ago.
the girl in charge emailed me - asking if i had any old pictures.
i dug through my scrapbooks, pealing off any pictures from those glory days.
as i was scanning them, i began to laugh.
this girl i was sending them to was probably {close to} being half my age.
she probably doesn't recall a time when you didn't have digital photos -
and you were unable to crop random people out of your picture.
{my photos were full of random people and i grossly cut the pictures...with scissors.}
but, i sent the photos anyway.  big hair...thick socks...and all!

the other evening, i was in a meeting with a very nice 20 something, discussing the
restart of a cheer program i implemented at ymca twenty years ago.
as we were talking about volunteers, i suggested contacting the rec mgt department at asu
{my alma mater} because, those students must have so many volunteer hours.
she asked if they had some sort of resource list of places to volunteer.
"oh yes. when i was there they had big binders in the advisor's office - full of places."
the look on her face was priceless. after witnessing her expression i said,
"well, of course, i'm sure it's all digital now."
and, she laughed.

a few nights ago, i took the kids to the austin mahone concert.
{randi, her friend - aubrianna, and cade}
there were three opening acts.
{didn't there use to be only one?}
there was lots and lots of screaming.
the first kid that came out and sang was lip synching.
i was dying.
when i pointed it out to randi she said {without missing a beat}
"who cares...he's hot!
throughout the concert, the sound seemed off to me.  and...very loud.
in between performers everyone would rush to the bathroom or concessions -
not wanting to miss anything.
however, i didn't.
i sat in my seat and waited.
once a performer came on stage...
i leisurely strolled to the bathroom - where there were no lines.
{and hung out a little longer because, i could hear the music just fine in there...not too loud.}
i bought water, popcorn, etc...without a single other person in line.
once back in the theatre...i sat.
because i'm old{er}, i'm smart enough to realize i can hear and see just fine while sitting comfortably on my butt.
{randi - not being old and wise like me - had aching feet by the end of the night.}

and finally, the other day i was perusing a catalog {sur la table - to be exact}.
there was one item i was studying and, as i pulled the catalog closer to check it out...
everything got blurry.
i rubbed my eyes and did it again.
yup.  still blurry.
i began to scream.
concerned family members came into the room.
when i told them what was wrong...
they just gave me this look like,
"are you kidding me?"
{i get no sympathy around here.}

so, there you have it.
i have come to accept the fact that i am no longer 20.
that has not kept me from reminding my children
{especially the teenager}
how cool i am.
and, i may be 41 - but, i look and feel 21.
{ok.  maybe not 21 - but, let's just go with it.}
and, the bonus is...
i'm much, much smarter than my 21 year old self.