Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 Brits and an Irish Boy

a week ago, i had the experience of attending the one direction concert with these three fans.
{this has been a long time coming.  we bought the tickets last december.}

after sitting in traffic for 2 HOURS...
we made it. just in time too.
{it was at cardinal stadium.  on the west side.  70,000 people there.}
these two girls were not only excited about those five boys...
but, they also loved the opening act.
5 seconds of summer.
{guess who said they would never drive to the west side again...but, is taking her daughter to see 5 seconds of summer in november...on the west side?}

the traffic was a nightmare.
the screaming was killing me.
the crowds were crazy.
how cute is harry?
{i've been told a true directioner does not have favorites.
good thing i'm a 41 year old mom and not a directioner. haha.}
i admit...
they are cute, talented boys.
i just wish i could have seen better.
{these photos are from a local radio station - 101.5.}
i would not get floor seats again.
when we first found our seats - we were so excited because they were so close.
then everyone stood up.
poor cade couldn't see it all and the security guards were down right rude about the
"no standing on chairs" rule.
randi, however, said she would rather have floor seats because she is that much closer to them.
{she was even freaking out because she was breathing the same air as them.}
you could not wipe the smiles off their faces.
they screamed.
they cried. {truly.}
and, were on a one direction high all night.

at one point, cade and i went up to the concourse to buy t-shrits.
{the girls had picked out what they wanted during the break between acts and, cade and i didn't mind waiting in line and being away from some of the chaos.}
i snapped this photo...trying to show just how huge and crazy it was.

cade and i voted to skip the next tour.
we both had earplugs in by the end of the concert.
{my daughter did not want me wearing them.  she said i "would look old".
well, i am old and could hear SO much better with those earplugs.} 

this was how close we actually were.
dead center.
towards the end of the show this portion of the stage raised up.
i could finally see them.

the show ended at 10:30.
we got home at 12:30.

those crazy girls did not use the travel time to study for the french test they had first hour the next morning...or, complete any homework.
they were up until 2:00 AM.
needless to say, they were a bit sleepy when i woke them up for school.
but, they said "it was TOTALLY worth it"!

on the way home, they said sadly, "now, we are in a post concert depression".
and i said,
"really?  because, i'm in a post concert celebration"!